Hydraulic Reversible Plough URP SC-545, URP SC-555
Model : URP SC-545, URP SC-555


Brand : "Shree Umiya"

Description :

URP SC 545,
This model specially designed and prepared with latest technology and high grade material. Best model for 45 to 50 HP tractor. Suitable for any types at soil I.E hard/black soil.

URP SC 555,
This model in best for 50 HP and above tractor. Best performance in any types of soils I.E Black/Hard. Most suitable model for qualitative plough in field.

Specification :
Model URP SC-545 URP SC-555
Size 2 Furrow 2 Furrow
Frame 100 mm X 100 mm Square Pipe 100 mm X 100 mm Square Pipe
Main Shaft 100 mm 100 mm
Tyne 25 mm 25 mm
Working Width 20" 24"
Height 55" Inch 58" Inch
Blade 12 mm 12 mm
Mould Board 8 mm 10 mm
Adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic
Weight (Aprox) 465 Kg. 500 Kg.
Power Required (HP) 45 HP and Above 50 HP and Above
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