Reversible Plough (Single Cylinder - 4 Bottom) URP SC-355
Model No : URP SC-355

Series : Regular Series

Brand : "Shree Umiya"

Description :

This model have four bottom, best plough for ploughing wide area in less time, overall time and fuel consumption in less but working output is too much good.

Specification :
Model URP SC-355
Size 4 Furrow
Frame 100 mm X 25mm Box 100mm Round
Tyne 32mm(3-TYne)
Working Width 40 Inch
Height 45 Inch
Blade 12 mm
Mould Board 8 mm(16" Tyne)
Shovel (Point) 32 mm X 25 mm
Bearing 33019 (2 Nos.)
Adjusment Hydraulic
Distance Between Tyne 10 Inch
Depth of Cut 10-12 Inch
Weight Aprox 620 Kgs.
Power Required (hp) 50 hp - 60 hp

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